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Name Starring Price
A Better Tomorrow (Special Widescreen Edition) Chow Yun Fat, 9.99
Ali (2001) - Special (2-Disc) Edition - dts Will Smith, 17.99
Amazons And Gladiators Patrick Bergin 18.49
American Samurai Rene Russo, 17.99
Armour Of God Jackie Chan, 17.49
Around The World In 80 Days
(aka. Around the World in Eighty Days)
Jackie Chan, 17.49
(aka. Marijuana Mitsubai Soshiki; Yakuza Deka: The Assassin)
Sonny Chiba, 11.99
Beverly Hills Ninja Chris Farley, 18.49
Big Boss, The Bruce Lee, 16.99
Black Eagle Sho Kosugi 16.49
Black Sheep Affair, The Chiu Man Chuk, 17.99
Blade Wesley Snipes, 17.99
Blade 1 and 2 Box Set Wesley Snipes, 17.99
Blade 2 (Blade II) - Special (2-Disc) Edition (dts) Wesley Snipes, 17.99
Blade Trilogy Box Set (4 Discs) Wesley Snipes, 24.99
Blade Trinity (2 Discs)
(aka. Blade 3)
Wesley Snipes, 16.99
Blade, The Chiu Cheuk, 17.99
Blade: Trinity - Extended Version (2 Discs)
(aka. Blade 3)
Wesley Snipes, 21.99
Bloodsport II Daniel Bernhardt 14.49
Bruce Lee - Jeet Kune Do Bruce Lee, 14.99
Buddhas Palm And Dragon Fist Lee Yi Min, 5.99
Buffy The Vampire Slayer - Season 2 Box Set (6 Discs) Sarah Michelle Gellar, 69.99
Buffy The Vampire Slayer - Season 3 Box Set (6 Discs) Sarah Michelle Gellar, 70.99
Bulletproof Monk Yun-Fat Chow, 15.99
Charlie's Angels / Charlie's Angels 2 : Full Throttle - Box Set (2 Discs) Cameron Diaz, 19.99
Charlie's Angels 2 : Full Throttle Cameron Diaz, 17.99
Cinema Of Vengeance Bruce Lee, 17.49
Clutch Of Power, The
(aka. Son of Wu Tang)
Fei Meng, 5.1
Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon Chow Yun Fat 16.99
Death By Misadventure Bruce Lee, 17.49
DOA: Dead Or Alive Jaime Pressley, 14.49
Double Team Jean Claude Van-Damme, 16.99
Dragon - The Bruce Lee Story Jason Scott Lee, 18.49
Drive (Special Collectors Edition) Mark Dacascos, 16.99
Enter The Dragon - Uncut Bruce Lee, 11.99
Equilibrium Christian Bale, 15.49
Evil Cult Jet Li, 16.99
Exit Wounds Steven Seagal, 17.99
Fatal Blade Gary Daniels, 14.49
First Strike (Jackie Chan's) Jackie Chan, 14.99
Fist Of Fury II Bruce Li 15.99
Flying Dagger (aka. Shen Jing Dao yu Fei Tian Mao) Maggie Cheung, 14.49
Foreigner, The (2003) Steven Seagal, 5.99
Full Alert Lau Ching Wan, 17.49
Full Throttle : Charlie's Angels 2 Cameron Diaz, 17.99
Fulltime Killer (aka. Chuen jik sat sau) Andy Lau, 18.99
Ghost Dog - Way of The Samurai Forest Whitaker, 16.99
Golden Ninja Warrior Donald Owen, 11.99
Gorgeous (a.k.a. Bor Lei Jun) Jackie Chan, 17.99
Hard Target Jean-Claude Van Damme, 16.99
Heart Of The Dragon
(aka. Long de xin)
Jackie Chan, 14.49
Hero (Jet Li)
(aka. Ying xiong)
Jet Li, 16.99
Infernal Affairs 2 Edison Chen, 16.99
Iron Monkey Donnie Yen 17.99
Jackie Chan's First Strike Jackie Chan, 14.99
Jeet Kune Do - Bruce Lee Bruce Lee, 14.99
Kill Bill - Volume 1 Uma Thurman, 16.99
Kill Bill - Volume 2 Uma Thurman, 14.99
Knock Off Jean Claude Van Damme, 16.99
Kung Fu Hustle Stephen Chow, 17.49
Last Samurai, The (2003) (2 Discs) Tom Cruise, 19.99
Legacy of Rage Brandon Lee, 15.99
Marked For Death Steven Seagal, 14.99
Matrix Reloaded, The (2 Discs) Keanu Reeves, 20.99
Maximum Risk Jean Claude Van Damme, 17.49
Mortal Kombat Annihilation Robin Shou, 14.99
Mr Nice Guy Jackie Chan, 14.99
Nemesis Olivier Gruner 15.99
Nico (a.k.a. Above The Law) Steven Seagal, 11.99
Ninja Scroll . 15.99
Nowhere To Run Jean Claude Van Damme, 17.49
Once Upon A Time In China - Collector's Edition Jet Li, 16.99
One, The (Jet Li) Jet Li, 16.99
Ong-Bak: Collector's Edition (2 Discs) Tony Jaa, 16.99
Red Shadow - The Ninja Movie Masanobu Ando, 5.49
Replicant (2001) Jean Claude Van Damme 17.49
Romeo Must Die Jet Li, 17.99
Rush Hour Jackie Chan, 17.49
Rush Hour 1 - 3 [Box Set] (4 Discs) Widescreen (ratio 2.35:1) Anamorphic (enhanced) 17.99
Rush Hour 2 Jackie Chan, 16.99
Rush Hour 3 (2 Discs) Jackie Chan, 15.99
Rush Hour 3 (Blu-Ray) Jackie Chan, 25.52
Seven Samurai Takashi Shimura, 17.49
Shanghai Knights Jackie Chan, 17.99
Shanghai Noon Jackie Chan, 13.99
Shaolin Soccer
(aka. Siu Lam Juk Kau)
Stephen Chow, 16.99
Shaolin Wheel of Life Shaolin monks 17.99
Snake In The Eagles Shadow Jackie Chan, 16.99
Street Fighter Jean-Claude Van Damme 16.99
The Big Boss Bruce Lee, 16.99
The Black Sheep Affair Chiu Man Chuk, 16.99
The Blade Chiu Cheuk, 17.99
The Crow Brandon Lee, 14.99
The Foreigner (2003) Steven Seagal, 5.99
The Glimmer Man Steven Seagal, 9.99
The Last Line Of Defence Olivier Gruner, 17.49
The Last Samurai (2003) (2 Discs) Tom Cruise, 19.99
The Matrix Keanu Reeves, 18.49
The Matrix Reloaded (2 Discs) Keanu Reeves, 20.99
The One (Jet Li) Jet Li, 16.99
The Patriot (Steven Seagal) Steven Seagal, 18.49
The Transporter (Special Edition)
(aka. Le Transporteur)
Jason Statham, 6.99
The Transporter (UMD Movie)
(aka. Le Transporteur)
Jason Statham, 14.49
The Tuxedo Jackie Chan, 15.49
The Warrior (2 Discs) (aka. Wu shi / Musa / Musa the Warrior.) Woo-sung Jung, 16.49
The Water Margin - Season 1 Box Set (6-Discs) Atsuo Nakamura, 64.99
The Water Margin - Volume 1 Atsuo Nakamura, 64.99
Timecop Jean-Claude Van Damme, 18.49
Tokyo Raiders (aka. Dong Jing Gong Le) Tony Leung, 17.99
Transporter, The (Special Edition)
(aka. Le Transporteur)
Jason Statham, 6.99
Transporter, The (UMD Movie)
(aka. Le Transporteur)
Jason Statham, 14.49
Tuxedo, The Jackie Chan, 15.49
Universal Soldier - The Return Jean-Claude Van Damme, 16.99
Warrior, The (2 Discs) (aka. Wu shi / Musa / Musa the Warrior.) Woo-sung Jung, 16.49
Warriors Two
(aka. Mr. Tsang and Cashier Hua)
Sammo Hung, 13.99
Water Margin, The - Season 1 Box Set (6-Discs) Atsuo Nakamura, 64.99
Water Margin, The - Volume 1 Atsuo Nakamura, 64.99
Who Am I ? Jackie Chan, 16.99
Xena - Warrior Princess - Series 5 : Box Set 1 Lucy Lawless, 30.99
Xena Warrior Princess Lucy Lawless, 14.49
XMA: Xtreme Martial Arts (Discovery Channel) Michael Chaturantabut, 16.99
Yakuza Triple Pack Bunta Sugawara, 16.99
Young and Dangerous 2 Jordan Chan, 17.49
Zatoichi (2003) (aka. Takeshi Kitano's Zatoichi) Takeshi Kitano (Beat Takeshi), 17.99
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